Biographical Information
Kanji ジェイド
Romaji Jeido
Also known as Jasper Doll

Original (Jet)

Age 20
Status Alive
Location Arcadia
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Artifact
Gender Male
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Brownish Yellow
Professional Status
Occupation Purifier
Personal Status
Relatives Jet (Twin Brother)
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Masaya Onosaka
 JD is a Jasper Doll, a type of artifact and biological weapon. He is a member of the Aube Hunters.


JD has Brownish Yellow hair. He is tall, fit and has dark skin.


JD is kind and very caring, especially towards Angelique. He is also a good cook.

Early LifeEdit

JD belonged to the Foundation, but somehow managed to escape to a nearby forest after a lab accident. In the forest, he was found by the Dragon Tribe, and became the tribe leader's adoptive son. Kai, a young boy, befriended him, and visited him every day even though he did not show any emotions. One day, he took interest in a sunflower, and from that day on, he started to smile and show more emotion. After Kai died, he embarked on a journey to make people smile. In fear of being taken away by force, he avoided meeting the Foundation as much as he could.

Purifying AbilitiesEdit

JD fights with a pair of tonfa against Thanatos but possesses melee skills as well.